Eira do Serrado


Eira do Serrado Viewpoint

The Eira do Serrado viewpoint gives a remarkable view from a height of nearly 1100m over the Curral das Freiras valley - assuming the mists part on your visit. 

Eira do Serrado Montage

You not only get a clear view of the settlements and the agricultural terracing, but of the precarious former road clinging to the edge of the mountain.

In addition to the view, a restaurant and souvenir shop are on offer.

Getting there

There is plenty of parking if you wish to drive. 

The HF bus 81 which runs from Funchal to Curral das Freiras takes a periodic detour to Eira do Serrado, sometimes as a request stop. Check the timetable and then double check with the driver.

Many organised tours, particularly those visiting Curral das Freiras will call in here.