Monte to Curral dos Romeiros

Start of trail
The relatively short (1.5km) walk from Monte to Curral dos Romeiros (where you can continue on the Levada dos Tornos or head up to the Levada da Serra do Faial) is nevertheless quite strenuous as you will quickly lose 70m of altitude at the start and then have to climb 90m, mostly over a relatively short distance. The initial part of the trail is shared with the walk that goes down to Bom Successo.

From the Monte cable car terminal (to Funchal), walk towards the other terminal (for the Botanic Garden). The path will split with part going downhill - this is the route you should follow (on the right in the picture below).

Cable car path fork

Signpost to Curral dos RomeirosShortly after you've passed over a stone bridge, the trail forks again and you need to take the upward path signposted towards Curral dos Romeiros

At this point, parts of the path are quite exposed, so be prepared for the weather you may encounter. There are some deceptive brief descents, but from here on the path is largely an uphill climb.

As you approach the summit, there are open views of Funchal and you shortly join the road into Curral dos Romeiros, where you have a number of options.
Views of Funchal

The village itself has little to offer, but there is a reasonably regular bus service back to Funchal, or you can continue on to the Levada dos Tornos and potentially from there to the Levada da Serra do Faial. See the linked pages for more information.

Getting there

See the information on Monte for information on access to the start of the walk. See the information on Levada dos Tornos for travel from the end point.