Levada do Furado reopens with detour

According to local media, the popular Levada do Furado trail (PR10), which has been closed after significant damage in March caused by a landslide, has reopened between Ribeiro Frio and Portela - but with a detour that bypasses the damaged section of the levada. 

Owing to the extent of the reconstruction required and the difficulty of getting materials to the site, the original route is likely to be closed for some time. The alternative route, which diverges approximately 7.2km from Ribeiro Frio before returing to rejoin the levada at Lamaceiros, has been signposted, but involves a climb over the Pico do Suna  and adds around 1km to the journey, making it a rather different proposition to the largely flat original route. 

The IFCN website had not (as of 8th May 2024) been updated with the new information.